Wildwood Recovery provides world-class alcohol and drug therapy with the convenience, comfort and seclusion of neighborhood treatment center. Amid the natural beauty of Thousand Oaks, California, patients complete a transformation from addiction to sobriety, forging trusting relationships with caring staff members who model successful recovery. With unrivaled levels of personalized therapy, medical guidance, healing activities and family involvement, patients learn to understand and transcend negative addictive cycles in a warm atmosphere of personalized care.


Customized Care for Addiction Recovery

As a boutique addiction treatment facility, Wildwood Recovery custom tailors treatment to each client’s needs. With a multidisciplinary team and strict enrollment limits, our patient-to-staff ratio is one of the lowest in the industry. In an era of revolving-door treatment, Wildwood Recovery offers continual intensive addiction treatment with a personal touch, working alongside each patient to facilitate their transformation from the desolation of addiction to thriving, sober lives. Our small size allows us to adjust all aspects of treatment to best meet client needs, from facilitating specialized dietary needs to providing personalized medical attention for specific health conditions.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Approach

Patients receive intensive medical attention, psychotherapy and lifestyle support during their time at Wildwood. During treatment stays ranging from 30 days to 90 days, patients heal on a physical, mental and emotional level, learning to create fulfilling, purposed lives without substance abuse.

  • Drug and Alcohol Detoxification
    Providing medically managed detoxification in a comfortable, home environment, Wildwood Recovery offers a safe haven in which physical recovery can begin to take place. With ongoing medical care, our physician-supervised detox program ensures patient health as patients break the physical addiction to drugs and alcohol. Patients experience a comfortable, safe and humane transition to sobriety at Wildwood Recovery, guided by staff specially trained in chemical detoxification. Carefully prescribed medications abate cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms, while vital signs are monitored to ensure patient safety throughout the process.
  • Personalized Attention
    After years of drug and alcohol use, patients often have singular needs when it comes to recovery. From careful oversight of the detoxification process, our dedicated staff ensures optimal balance for patients as they journey back to health. Patients receive frequent check-ups as well as preventative planning. Weekly medical lectures by physicians provide disease and health education, body/mind connections and stress management techniques to empower patients to take a proactive stance in their physical recovery.
  • Multi-Modal Therapeutic Approach
    Guided by psychotherapists with decades of experience in treating addiction, patients at Wildwood Recovery address the psychological and emotional aspects of their addiction within confidential therapy sessions. Patients learn to regulate emotions, build healthy interpersonal relationships, recognize addiction triggers, and heal underlying traumas that contribute to the formation of addiction. Our treatment approach builds upon compassionate cognitive therapy with experiential, mind-body and creative therapeutic techniques to initiate healing on the deepest levels.
  • Innovative Recovery Activities
    From yoga practice to guided natural excursions, Wildwood Recovery integrates positive group and individual activities into daily treatment. Specialized recovery activities include equine therapy, expressive arts therapy, and guided meditation groups. Patients also benefit from regular fitness support, with an emphasis on aerobic exercise for stress reduction, endorphin release and increased wellness.
  • Patient Education
    Gaining understanding of the addiction and recovery process can foster invaluable insight necessary for lasting change. At Wildwood Recovery, we place a premium on patient education, focusing on insight-building and self-awareness. We further foster psychoeducation through process groups, 12-step meetings, and weekly addiction science presentations led by medical and mental health professionals.
  • Family Involvement (Addiction is a Family Disease)
    At Wildwood Recovery, we recognize the impact that a loved one’s addiction can have on the family unit and acknowledge the role of the family in facilitating patient recovery. Because our clientele comes largely from the Conejo Valley, families receive regular invitations to participate in their loved ones’ recovery process. Relatives are encouraged to participate in special programs during a weekly family night, including large-group meetings where they can interact with other families. Additionally, we offer custom-tailored, private counseling sessions for couples and families, as well as family education opportunities throughout the treatment process.
  • 12-Step Involvement
    Wildwood Recovery embraces the time-honored 12-step approach to addiction recovery, building a foundation for accessible, attainable sobriety. Patients begin step work during their time at Wildwood, attend regular Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and establish relationships with local sponsors.

Support for Behavioral Addictions and Substitute Addictions

Wildwood Recovery can assist with finding treatment for those experiencing behavioral addictions, such as eating disorders, gambling or sexual addictions and other forms of compulsive behavior if these disorders overlap a chemical dependency. Combining psychotherapy with medication management where necessary, we work with patients to decipher the core causes of behavioral addictions. Patients establish emotional regulation, build self-soothing abilities, and uncover the psychological needs behind process addictions. Through individualized and group therapy sessions, patients also learn to forge positive relationships with the self, others, and the world at large to establish a future that exemplifies emotional and physical health.