From creative therapies and soothing activities to special touches, we endeavor to make the Wildwood experience as memorable as possible. Here are just a few of the activities we offer our clients during their stay at Wildwood Recovery.

  • Hiking Tours
    One of the most enchanting aspects of a Wildwood Recovery treatment stay lies in the Santa Monica Mountainswinding trails just steps away from the facility. Enveloped by its namesake, Wildwood Regional Park, our recovery facility offers endless hours of nearby exploration, meditation and discovery. Nature guides lead clients down natural trails and corridors to breathtaking waterfalls, cacti, flowers and birds, surrounded by Conejo Valley’s mountains.
  • Fitness Training
    Through daily exercise, clients at Wildwood Recovery alleviate emotional tension, build muscle strength, and connect to their physical selves. For many clients, this sense of bodily connection becomes transformative, in stark contrast to the isolation and physical numbing persistent during years of alcohol and drug abuse. From individual fitness routines to organized activities, clients learn to heal and strengthen their bodies through daily fitness led by Wildwood staff. Aerobic exercise provides the body with much needed endorphin release, promoting calm, elevating mood, and naturally reducing pain perception.
  • Yoga Instruction
    With a focus on breathwork, flexibility and strength-building, yoga provides a powerful Yoga Addiction Treatment Therapymetaphor for recovery. Lessons take place twice a week, led by a professional yoga instructor. Clients experience stress-reduction, enhanced relaxation, and endorphin release during professionally guided yoga lessons.