Educational Lectures

An addiction is a psychological and/or a physical dependence in which a person is unable to stop a behavior or substance use. At Wildwood Recovery, our team of medical and mental health experts provides lectures to educate clients and family members on the addiction and recovery process. During these sessions, areas are addressed that deal with physical, chemical, psychological, and emotional responses of the body to an addiction. Understanding the cause and effect of an addictive substance is part of the healing process for those recovering from addiction, and all who will be involved in the recovery process.


Our goal at Wildwood Recovery is to enable and equip a recovering client with a comprehensive understanding of addiction and to take advantage of the opportunity for support and education through the 12-step meetings and other group processes.  Our presentations are easily understood and geared toward the need for self-awareness. Educational lectures at Wildwood Recovery are specifically designed to provide our clients with an understanding of addiction that will enhance the recovery from addiction.