Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab Our reputable Thousand Oaks drug rehab is renown throughout the state of California as one that is meeting the needs of the community. When you contact Wildwood Recovery, you have access to a full continuum of care, including detox services, residential treatment, creative therapies, and aftercare- for lifelong prevention of relapse. Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab

Rehabs In Pasadena
Pax House Recovery

Only the best rehabs in Pasadena are treating addiction with dual diagnosis programs. At Pax House Recovery, we treat co-occurring disorders using the latest techniques and programs available. Our staff is not just on the cutting edge of new treatments, we offer caring, compassionate treatment and hope for a new future.

Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment So Cal
Choose Oaks of Hope for alcohol or substance abuse treatment in So Cal. We believe in customizing treatment based not only on your recovery needs but also on your preferences. Our programs and activities include amusement park outings, race car driving, yoga & meditation, trauma counseling, hypnotherapy, family group, and many other options in treatment.

Tattoo Removal Beverly Hills
Contact our staff at Asandra MD for affordable tattoo removal in Beverly Hills. We use the newest equipment for removing all tattoo colors. Our PiQo4 is the most advanced laser being used today- and is the most efficient in removing ink with 40% fewer treatments. The result- no visual reminder that the tattoo was ever there.